« My name is Aizhan, I am 20 years old and I am from Kazakhstan. In the beginning of 2014, I faced up a problem with my lumbar spine. One of the intervertebral disc was totally damaged because of the lordosis I had. The problem was not only the pain I had, but my nerves were highly compressed. After several consultations in Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and Korea, my parents and I understood that we need someone very qualified to solve this problem. So we found Doctor Schils in Switzerland, Geneva who advised us to make a disc replacement, doing a surgery not from the back, but through abdominal part of the body.  It was the best solution we heard. Because disc replacement could save my mobility and help to prevent damages in the future, for example during the pregnancy. Moreover, Doctor Schils made an incision in the lowest part of my abdomen that was really important for me. I was afraid that everybody could be able to see my scarf in the beach for example. Doctor Schils  was not only thoughtful but very responsive for all my demands as a patient even after surgery. I was able to stand up and walk on the 4th day without pain and suffering and it was an amazing feeling. I think I am very fortuned person because I met Doctor Schils. I really appreciate everything he did for me with high professionalism and care »

Aizhan M., student, Kazakhstan – May 2014