« If I must summarize what happened to me after my neurosurgeon Dr. Schils operated my spine, it would be to say that it changed my life. My life really changed because previously I had great difficulty walking and a very poor quality of life. I went to sleep with pain and woke up with the same pain. I was constantly afraid of walking.

The pain made me tired and depressed and I felt more and more inadequate in my thoughts and my life’s outlook.

After having decided to be operated (I had three herniated and sagging discs), I spoke to my surgeon and we decided upon an important intervention in the lower back. At present I have recuperated 80% of my movements. I no longer need help to get up or to walk, no longer require medication, and no longer have problems to walk. I am no longer an invalid! »

Giory N, artist, painter, Italy, December 2013